6 Git \(\ne\) GitHub

Thus far, everything is within your local computer and done using git. That is the version control portion of git, which is important and powerful. However, what makes git a efficient tool for collaboration is its power to share through remote hosts like GitHub.

  • GitHub is not the only option, there are other companies that offer free remote hosting, here are a few alternatives Bitbucket, Gitlab

6.1 Git is a remote server that hosts a repository (remote host)

Remember git init makes a .git/ folder in your project. That is a local repository (local=lives on your computer).

GitHub is essentially a remote server that hosts a .git/ folder. GitHub also comes with tons of tools to help you visualize and manage your repository.

6.2 Create a repository on github (a remote repo)

  • Navigate to https://github.com/your_username
    • Click Repositories tab
    • Click New
    • Enter workdir as the Repository name
    • Leave it as Public
    • Skip the step about making README, we will be importing a repo onto GitHub
    • Click Create repository

You now have an empty remote repository and some instructions to populate it!